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Day 4 in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Las Vegas! July 14, 2016

Cisco Employee

What an exciting time in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! I am completely in awe of our devs- they are completely engaged and hands-on knee-deep in code. Yeah!

Here are some highlights for our last day!

Forget Death by Powerpoint…Developers and Engineers Get Hands-on in DevNet Zone Workshops

It’s no secret …developers and engineers love rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands “dirty” when it comes to playing with technology.  Last year, at CLUS-San Diego, we tested the idea of a “Developer Workbench” – a small group (only six seats) environment where participants could interact directly with the workshop leader as they learned about a tool or API.

Fast forward to Cisco Live 2016, and DevNet Zone workshops have mushroomed from that single workbench test into four workbench locations, offering more than 50 different, hands-on workshop sessions.   

DevNet Workshops cover a wide range of Cisco APIs and tools.  And many of the most popular workshops repeat each day of Cisco Live.  So while it may be Thursday, the last day of Cisco Live, there are still a chance for you to meet product experts and level-up your skills at a DevNet Zone workshop.  Here are just a few examples:

Dev IoT - Learn to design, build and deploy an IoT application

Ashutosh Malegaonkar and the DevIoT Team will show you how to build up a real IoT solution using Cisco DevIoT IDE.  You’ll get hands of experience at connecting sensor data and actuators to Cisco edge computing services, create rules/policies using Cisco Data-in-Motion at the edge, and add voice and text services via Cisco Tropo.

APIC-EM API Hands-on Workshop

APIC-EM is Cisco's SDN controller for the Campus and WAN.  All of the services running on the controller are available via a REST API.   In this workshop, Adam Radford takes you through the range of APIs on APIC-EM and gives you some tools and libraries to get stated with exploring them.


Let Ralph Schmeider show you how to write your first python application that uses RESTCONF and YANG to access device operation and configuration data.

CMX API: Creating Context Aware Mobile Experiences

The Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP) helps organizations quickly create, deploy and manage context-aware mobile experiences.  In this workshop, Matt Denapoli shows you how EMSP integrates with Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solution to provide indoor positioning.

Device Programmability for Zero Touch Provisioning with Cisco Open Plug-n-Play

Using Cisco Plug-n-Play solution, customers can do Zero Touch installs of Cisco gear in various deployment scenarios and deployment locations. Join Bhaskar Bhattacharjee to see how Plug-n-Play provides the same user experience for routers, switches, and wireless access points whether they are being installed in a campus, branch or data center.

Ok, We Got YANG Data Models, Now What?

Santiago Alvarez describes how to significantly simplify device programmability using APIs generated from YANG data models.  The YANG Development Kit (YDK) provides model-driven APIs that allow the network programmer to focus on the underlying structure of the configuration and operational data associated with the device.

Spark APIs: a hands-on workshop

Spark API’s, SDK’s and integrations allow developers to develop custom app’s, integrate software and service offerings, or enhance the Cisco re-selling experience.  In this workshop you’ll learn how Cisco Spark simplifies teamwork by making communication seamless, send messages, share files, and meet with different teams, all in one place

Tropo APIs: a hands-on workshop

Join Phil Bellanti to learn how to build a Tropo application.  You’ll learn how to get a phone number that’s answered by your code, or send and receive text messages from popular web programming languages.

Deploying Applications with Cisco Shipped and Mantl

This workshop will take specific application code and enable elastic, flexible, and portable application workloads that can be deployed.  You’ll learn how to leverage the Shipped UI to build and deploy a project, and leverage the data analytics to understand the application performance and behaviors.

Mantl  - How to Use it

Mantl, Cisco’s Open Source Containerization Platform, is an end-to-end, cloud agnostic, highly extensible, integrated stack for running container workloads and big data - including deployment automation, security, and monitoring.  In this workshop you'll explore applications ranging from simple batch processing to complex Lamba Architecture deployments.

The above are just a few of the workshops available to you today in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live. There’s so much to see and do, I can’t do it all justice in a blog.  Please, check out the complete DevNet Zone Thursdayschedule of workshops and sessions at

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