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Drive New UCS Platforms from Proven UCS XML API


Having the right platform design flexibility, along with a set of unified software development tools, is a powerful asset for any developer focused on the overall efficiency and operation of their data center.  Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) unifies computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into an integrated architecture.  An array of software management tools provide developers with a seamless path for integration to multiple systems for all of the UCS Servers, Fabric Interconnects, IO modules, and chassis.

Today, as the IoE changes the way applications are provisioned and architected, developers are looking for new and innovative ways to deliver deeper intelligence, faster decisions and sustainable solutions.  Cisco recently announced new UCS products, dedicated to Cloud-Scale Computing, that help developers innovate applications at the network edge and power data-intensive analytics.

For developers working on data center applications, DevNet provides a host of tools, resources, and community support. 

On DevNet you can find out how to get started with the UCS certified platform for enterprise applications, virtualization and operating systems. To begin, download the UCS XML API Programmer's Guide. This guide provides an overview of the UCS, the UCS Management Information Model, the XML API, and contains numerous API examples.

The UCS API developer toolkit contains XML API Programmers Guides, API's, the UCS Platform Emulator and software tools for developing applications for UCS Manager and UCS Central.  You’ll also find a training video on the UCS XML API that gives you a high level understanding of the API structure, methods, and functionality.

The UCS Platform Emulator  allows developers to use the Cisco UCS Manager and the UCS XML API without requiring physical hardware – thus significantly shortening the development cycle for applications based on the UCS XML API.

Additional Resources

One interesting opportunity for developers is the ability to drive new platforms from this proven API without a steep learning curve. The C-Series M4 Servers and the C3160 will both leverage the C-Series XML API while the M-Series and UCS Mini (6324 FI’s) will be UCSM managed.  If you’d like to get some stick time with the UCS API and SDK’s, check out the UCSPE community.

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