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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas... Mostly!

You know the saying, "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!”. Well, I think for most things in Vegas that's probably true. However, I want to let you in on something that not only will you want to do in Vegas, but you'll most certainly want to tell your friends and family (even your mom) all about! It's not something lame, like a silly magic show, or some singer writhing around on the stage, or some comedian telling jokes about "life stuff". It's definitely not something boring like a conference on "The Advancements in the field of Advanced Advancing." I guarantee it will be good for your mind and body, it will be good for your posture and poise, it will be good for your career and lifestyle.

I can feel the palpability of your curiosity, I'm sure your pulse just quickened a bit and you're forgetting to breathe right about now. You're wondering: What is it? What is this thing that I can do in Vegas that I will be able to share with even the most sensible of those I call my friends and family? And now you're at the window shouting: What Is It?!, What Is It?!, Tell me, tell me, teeeeeeeeeelllllllll meeeeeeeeeeee

Now as you lay collapsed on the ground in a bewildered heap of confused delirium. As you struggle to scroll down on your smart tether, to read the next line, to get the information before your enthusiasm induced exhaustion causes you to leave this earthly realm (if only for 7-8 hours), your hand shaking, your thumb barely making contact with the screen, your body temperature so low that your touch is almost… almost… not registering, you see it, the truth of it is revealed.

This serendipitous moment is almost too good to be true.  Adrenaline is released, you remember to breathe and as you gasp in that life giving ether, neurons fire in your parietal lobe, messages prepare to jump across synapses that moments ago were separated by a great abyss. An abyss so deep and wide that the other side could only be imagined and light has not yet reached the bottom! Your cognition no longer impaired, your neural pathways no longer clogged with cobwebs and shadows, the words come into focus.

Cisco Live!

Yeah sort-of silly, but hopefully I had you captivated.  I would love to see you at my sessions, they're all pretty interesting if I can say so.

The focus is on Data Center Automation with UCS Management and UCS Director APIs. If you want to provision one server or a hundred or thousand and manage their network and storage connections from a comprehensive set of APIs, then be sure to check out my sessions, I'll help get you started and give you a push to the next level.


Find me in the DevNet Zone, Come ask me about APIs, try to make me Smile!! And register for one of my sessions!


Cisco UCS PowerTool - Deploy at Scale


Cisco UCS Python SDKs


DevNet Workshop - UCS Director Automation - Creating and Utilizing Custom Tasks and Script Modules


DevNet Workshop - UCS Director REST API - Connect, Query, Configure, Create and Execute


DevNet Workshop - Managing Cisco UCS with the Python SDK


DevNet Workshop - UCS PowerTool Suite - Secrets, Tips and Tricks

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