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Introducing Our Latest Sponsorship: RAML <3


Although I represent a multinational corporation, I try to stay away from "being a corporatey" type of person. I am very honest about the things I like and don't like about what a company is doing, which is why developers respect and are open to listening to me. One thing I really REALLY appreciate about Cisco is that they are very supportive of open source communities and all type of technologies.

RAML stands for "RESTful API Modeling Language" and is doing some great things to the contributor community. They are sending all types of gifts ranging from fun swag to gift cards by rounding up sponsorship prizes from companies and organizations.

As a current sponsor to RAML's organization, Cisco DevNet is VERY excited about what RAML is doing for their contributors and decided to, in addition to our previous sponsorships, sponsor 10 x $50 Amazon gift cards. Thanks to Mike Stowe who reached out to me to ask about sponsorships.

Since I'm on an airplane and cannot search for funny "celebration" type of GIFs, could you do me a favor and send out a tweet with a GIF and be sure to tag @tessamero, @ramlapi, and @ciscodevnet =)

Thank you :-)

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Cisco Employee

Check out the great (and free!) RAML Learning Labs on Cisco DevNet: