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Learning Lab Love Train


What was up with the model train chugging around the DevNet Zone Learning Labs?  It must've be something special, because hundreds of people are jumping on board and loving the journey. And why not? These self-paced, hands-on labs introduce you to coding with Cisco APIs. No experience required.

There are over 20 different Learning Labs for exploring APIs in Cisco’s SDN, Cloud, Mobility, Security, Collaboration, and IoT technologies. Two of those labs let people play directly with the model train.

First, there’s the Data in Motion Learning Lab. The train is outfitted with infrared, distance, and light sensors.  When the train passes by a sensor, the developer can see that the sensor has been activated.  Using Data in Motion they are able to read that data and simulate a real world environment - like controlling traffic lights and crossing signals based on changing conditions.

Then, riding on top of the train is a video camera providing a live video feed connected to a telepresense bridge via Jabber.  Using various collaboration Learning Labs – including Jabber Web, Jabber Guest, Remote Expert Mobile can then embed the train video feed into Web or mobile applications with a few lines of code.

According to Wendell Odom, a 19 year CCIE with Certskills, “the DevNet Learning Labs are an effective way to learn about a specific API, and also teach you about how APIs in general work. You learn a language by doing it, and I was able to practice my Python without bumping up against procedural questions like, ‘I don’t know what to do now.”

We brought all the DevNet Learning Labs to Cisco Live.  The self-paced, self-guided labs are a great way for visitors to start their journey through the DevNet Zone – do a lab…attend a session…take a class…see a demo…talk to an expert.  But if you weren't in San Diego, don’t let that stop you.  All the Learning Labs are available 24x7 on DevNet at

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