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One of the Largest Linux Conferences: LinuxFest Northwest


LinuxFest Northwest is an annual OpenSource event  in Bellingham, WA USA, LFNW features presentations and exhibits on various free and open source topics, as well as Linux distributions and applications. LinuxFest Northwest has something for everyone from the novice to the professional, as stated on the website.

I'm very happy I had the opportunity to attend Day 1 of the conference. Unfortunately I had to leave the next day to Italy for a JavaScript conference! There were many great sessions, including the famous Deb speaking, who also runs a Linux conference in Seattle, WA!


Although one of the reasons why I went to this event was to have a meeting with some instructors from Network Academy from another college, I still managed to watch several sessions. I was even lucky enough to meet other network academy instructors at the Bellevue Technical College, where the conference took place. Not only did I meet some great network academy instructors, I met many interesting attendees!

One of the great things about what makes LinuxFest so popular is the MASS sense of community. You walk in, whether you are brand new or have been going to many of these events, you join this big ole' family who's very exciting to have you there.

Not only is it  very community-driven, they also make the event fun. At the end there were a lot of fun and games and a ton of laughter all around.


Why wouldn't you want to go to an amazing event like this? I may have to register every year as an attendee now. Maybe I may submit some presentations and speak! (When I say maybe it really means I'm going to....)

See you at the next LinuxFest event? :-)

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