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See Inside Your Network with VIRL: DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

Janel Kratky
Cisco Employee

What is VIRL?


Virtual Internet Router Lab (VIRL) is a network virtualization platform that enables you to design, model and test networks and includes the ability to inject traffic loads and failure situations. With VIRL, you can create network environments using a range of different Cisco network virtual machines, including routers, switches and end-hosts and then investigate how the network reacts to different problem scenarios. VIRL’s unique visualization capabilities enable to ’see’ how the network responds. All this without having to buy, install or manage test hardware in a lab!

VIRL in the DevNet Zone

Want to learn more about VIRL and see what others are doing with it? Join us in the DevNet Zone in Las Vegas to find out all about this important network tool. Come see us at the VIRL Learning Lab in the DevNet Zone! Sit down at a Learning Lab terminal and get ‘hands on’ and start learning. Or come see us in the VIRL booth where you can meet the development team and get your questions answered.

We are also holding presentation and workshops sessions in the DevNet Zone:

VIRL Presentation in the DevNet Zone Main Theater

  • VIRL - Your Network Simulation 'Swiss-Army Knife (DEVNET-1172) in the main DevNet Zone theater on Wednesday July 13 at 9:00. New to VIRL? This is the perfect introduction to the system and its capabilities. Go here to register.

Note: Seating is available on a first come, first seated basis.

VIRL Workshops in DevNet Zone

These workshops are walk-up sessions, led by our VIRL team and they give you the chance to learn from the best! The VIRL workshop takes place three times during the week:

  • Introduction to VIRL (DEVNET-1203) on Monday July 11th @ 2:00
  • Advanced VIRL Features (DEVNET-1207) on Tuesday July 12th @ 10:00
  • VIRL and APIs (DEVNET-3000) on Wednesday July 13th @ 2:00

Note: Seating is available on a first come, first seated basis.

Advanced VIRL Sessions

If want a deeper dive or if you are a more advanced VIRL user, check out our sessions below:

  • Three Secrets of VIRL Networking (BRKRST-3003) on Thursday July 14th at 1:00pm in South Pacific. This is an intermediate to advanced breakout session. Go here to register.
  • Leader-led hands-on lab, Dr. Evil's secret VIRL hands-on Lab (LTRRST-3003) on Tuesday July 12th at 1:00 in Banyan B. This is an intermediate to advanced hands-on session. Go here to register.

Note: You must register for these sessions in advance!

There's are many ways that you can learn about VIRL in Las Vegas, and we're looking forward to having you join us to dig into this useful and capable network tool. See you in the DevNet Zone!

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