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Welcome to the Meraki DevNet Community!

Cisco Employee

Cloud-managed wireless access points have greatly simplified the deployment, operation, and management of wireless networks; and Cisco Meraki has the world’s first enterprise-grade solution. The Meraki platform not only simplifies management, but it also provides a simple but powerful set of APIs that opens up many possibilities for developers. I’m happy to announce that we are now making Meraki APIs available to a larger community of developers through DevNet.

Meraki Platform APIs allow you to do things like build a custom hotspot splash page for your wireless customers; see user traffic in your retail location with real-time location; and derive marketing insights based on people’s movements. A developer can build apps that recognize and reward customers and drive customer loyalty.

The Meraki Dashboard allows remote access to your Cloud managed network infrastructure, and Meraki Dashboard APIs allow you to integrate Meraki into your daily workflow of deploying, managing, and operating your networks with the monitoring and management tools you already use.

Today, I am thrilled to welcome Meraki developers on Cisco DevNet and would like to invite all developers to join our new DevNet Meraki Community of Interest. This space is for you as a Meraki architect, developer, and operator, to continue to build your knowledge; connect with peers; and ask questions to a community of experts. You can also be the expert to help a fellow developer with their hard problems. We hope this community will come together to solve problems and create innovations for our customers and drive the business outcomes for your organization.

To start this journey, we brought a number of Meraki developer tools into DevNet and have added new developer resources as well.

Join us in person next week at the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Las Vegas, meet other community members, and learn from the experts. You can also win some Meraki gear! We hope to see you there!


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