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API to query current subscribers on ISG or PNR

I am a developer new to Cisco's API's and I am looking to create an application that will pull down, from our Intelligent Services Gateway (ISG), a list of all current subscribers (IP Address and MAC Address) and parse through them.  It looks like there are a lot of options to do this but I am wondering what is the best way.  I am looking to use C or C# to accomplish this and use an XML API but I am open to other technologies outside straight Telnet.  After Google'n a lot I cannot find exactly what API I can use to interface directly with our ISG and our Prime Network Registrar (PNR) to accomplish this.  I know there are XML APIs that most Cisco devices use but I have also found AXL API that seems very promising but I am not sure what devices are supported and if the commands are all the same through the API.

In summary:

1. Can I query the ISG directly using an API?

2. What API's are available for the ISG and PNR?

3. Are there any SDKs for the ISG?

4. Is there any additional configuration required for communicating via XML API to ISG/PNR?

5. Any best practices I should follow when using the XML API?

I apologize that this may seem like a list of basic questions but I appreciate in advance to anyone who can help send me in the right direction.  There are a lot of options and I want to make sure I am making a sound decision before going too far down the wrong path.

Thank you again!!!!!!!!


Cisco Employee

Hi Zachary,

1. I couldn't find any APIs for ISG. It doesn't look like APIs were built for ISG

2. I found the DevNet site for PNR - It looks like there are some SDKs available for PNR, see Documentation.

3. I couldn't find any SDKs for the ISG. It doesn't look like SDKs were built for ISG

4. I would review the PNR DevNet site for that info

5. I'm not familiar with these products



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