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Configuring Cisco voice gateway ports using AXL in CUCM 8.6 or above

I'm trying to do the above, specifically i'm trying to use AXL to automatically provision an analogue phone device on a specific port of a known VG224, but i'm running into problems (we're currently using CUCM 8.6, with the intention to upgrade to CUCM 10 in the near future in case this is a bug in the AXL API in 8.6).

My issue is that I am being returned the AXL error "AXL Error in addGatewayEndpointAnalogAccess: Error code 2700 - 'A device that uses Phone Templates must have a specific Phone Template assigned'" when I try and submit an addGatewayEndpointAnalogAccess request. However the addGatewayEndpointAnalogAccess definition in the WSDL shows no reference at all to any phone template I can provide. I tried building the phone object first using addPhone, which *does* have a phone template, and then submitting the UUID of that object as the endpoint UUID in addGatewayEndpointAnalogAccess, but I received the same error.

I'm mostly flying blind as I can't find any documentation explaining what is needed here. I *thought* i'd found the ideal document, supposedly on Cisco's Developer site there is a pdf entitled 'Configuring VG224 Ports Using AXL', uploaded or last updated on 3rd July 2014. Except every link for that document is for the following URL, which gives a 'Page not Found' error:

Does anyone either have a working copy of this document they can provide me (I've failed to find any not on the Cisco developer site to the above URL with Google), or can they tell me what I need to do to avoid the above error and be able to successfully create analogue devices associated with VG224 ports?


So I gave up trying to do this using pure AXL calls. I managed tog et a copy of the document in question. and it was using specific updateVg224 AXL calls, which don't work properly if I have a VG350 or whatever as it doesn't see the subunits correctly.

I ended up creating my analog device using addPhone, not linked in any way to the gateway, and then using the AXL executeSqlUpdate function to do a raw SQL prod into the mgcpdevicemember table with my device ID, gateway ID, slot, subunit and port. Seems to work fine. Gets automatically deleted when the device is deleted. Only thing I have to look out for is orphaned devices. I need to check that the association succeeds (there isn't a device already on that port, or similar), and then delete my created device if it doesn't.

Do you mean specifically via AXL? Because i've got a CUCM 8.6.2 install here on which I have successfully configured a VG350 unit with one 48 port card and one 72 port card via the web interface. It does not, however, list the VG310 or VG320 models when creating a new gateway, so I am assuming *they* are only available in CUCM 9.1+.

Regardless, this was merely an example. I also can't see specific AXL calls for the VG204, and I wanted a generic case that could be used to configure a port on any type of gateway that the CUCM instance supported. My analogue device creation using addPhone and then executeSqlUpdate to insert the link to a known gateway device does exactly this. It doesn't matter whether the gateway is a VG204, VG224 or VG350, it just works. I will have to check when we go to CUCM 10 that it works with the 310 and 320 as well.

Hi Dan,

   After referring to this document - Cisco Collaboration Systems Release Summary Matrix for IP Telephony I was not able to find VG310 and 320. Only VG 350 is there in the table.

Please see the Reference - Re: CUCM 10.5 and Voice Gateways .

Thanks and Regards,


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