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Extensive performance loss due to AMP scanning on WCF communication

Since march of this year (2019) our customer is experiencing extensive performance loss due to the AMP process.


We have noticed that at the beginning of a WCF server call the AMP service (epsecurityservice.exe) becomes very active (50-80% CPU) for quite a long time (30-90 seconds). We don't receive an answer from the WCF-service during that time.


When we shutdown the virusscanner on the client we can see some improvements (20-30 seconds). Shutting down the virusscanner on both the client and server will give us the expected response time (less than 1 second).

Excluding the server and client process will help some, but still doesn't give us the expected response.


The WCF service is using a custom Binding with binaryMessageEncoding and compression using GZip on net.tcp (port 8733).


Our questions:

  • What is causing this, and why didn't it cause any problems before?
  • What is the preferred solution?
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