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Historical reports of UCCX 11.6

Hi, we have some questions regarding the reports.


1. We are looking to get various metrics from ucce aggregated for 15 or 30 minutes time range by skill:

  • Call volume (handled + abandoned)
  • #handled calls
  • Average handle time
  • Average Speed Of Answer
  • Service level

Is there a single report that includes all of those metrics aggregated per skill?

We saw two reports coming close, but short of those metrics:

  • Common Skill CSQ Activity Report – missing metrics: Average Speed Of Answer and Average handle time
  • Contact Service Queue Activity Report – missing metrics: service level

2. Do reports show data aggregated according to the call start time? End time? Is this configurable? (for example - aggregation by start time: will show all calls that entered the queue between 10:00-10:30, aggregation by end time: will show all calls that were completed between 10:00-10:30

3.Is it possible to run the same report on the same interval multiple times?


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