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MWI on jabber client using TAPI

Hi there,

We have a CC solution built on cisco TAPI for CUCM, we use TAPI API to light up the MWI on the phone/device. it works for all other phone types except jabber client:

1.       Jabber when running a CUCSF device as a softphone has no visible message wait indicator. The TAPI message wait sets for this device when in service on the Jabber client are successful but there is no sign at the Jabber client a voice message is waiting. Is it possible to have a basic voice message wait indicator on the jabber client when running a softphone?


2.       Creating a voicemail UC Service with product type Unity or Unity Connect does create a Voice Messages icon in the Jabber client, this does not give a workaround for showing message waiting from the TAPI MWI set and requires the session establishment which looks to be product related. Is there any other advanced method for a third party voicemail to work as a UC service or show message waiting on the Jabber client?

Any feedback is appreciated!

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