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On the Hunt for Skill Building and Talent

Cisco Employee



Welcome Networking Academy Students! Are you ready for a new adventure that could last a lifetime?


You may be coming to the DevNet site for the first time, but I think you could also be embarking on a journey to help you to learn awesome new technologies and advance your career for years to come. Maybe you came to our community on the hunt for T-Shirts, a selfie-stick, and a power bank; but I think you'll find that there is so much more in store for you here. I wish you luck in snagging one of those prizes, but I'm really excited to have you to discover more through the four pillars of DevNet:


Four Pillars.JPG

If you are curious and willing to learn, exploring our site and growing industry relevant skills through learning labs may become your next favorite thing to do. There are over 200 learning labs to get you started on your learning journey and we are building more every day. In addition, we have over 1,400 channel partners in our network who use our tools. We often run across NetAcad graduates working inside our channel partners. By learning our technologies and gaining industry exposure, you improve your chances for building the relevant skills for future employment.


Are you curious to see what other are building inside DevNet? Check out DevNet Creations to see the incredible innovation being built by teams in our community. Maybe you'll decide that you want to kick-start your own project. Whether it is building bots with Cisco Spark or learning to code so you can automate network functions, there is so much opportunity for you to learn, grow, and succeed by building your career with DevNet. Make sure to click on "Register" in the upper right corner of the page so we can send you communication and get you further engaged with our community. An even easier way to cover all your bases with DevNet’s resources is to take part in our Scavenger Hunt so jump in, learn and have fun!


Finally, you can follow @CiscoDevNet on Twitter and join us at a DevNet event near you.


If you would like to keep the discussion going, please comment below or follow me on twitter @kuehltweet to continue the conversation.

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