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CUCM Collaboration 11.5 Sandbox capabilities

If I create a CUCM Collaboration 11.5 Sandbox, will I be able to do the following?

- Enable archiving with a sql server database

- connect Jabber clients to it

- add a java app that can read the archive database (if available) and make API calls out to an external service?


Hello Arjun,

When you reserve the Sandbox you'll have full administrative access to all of the components within the lab. You should be able to complete these tasks. Please let me know if you've got any questions.



Thank you for the reply. So for archiving, an external database would be needed. Would that be created within the sandbox environment or would it actually need to be an external database that is set up that can be connected to the sandbox?


You would need to create the external database to use.

If you installed the database locally and connected the VPN, you should be able to connect from the Sandbox Lab (where CUCM is) back through the VPN to your database instance. When connected on the VPN, you have to look at the IP settings, and grab the IP address that the AnyConnect interface has. That would be the IP address that CUCM should use to connect to your external database.

Does that make sense? Could you give it a try and let me know if it works for you?

If your database was running on a unix system, you could try use OpenConnect for VPN.



Note, by default Sandbox VPN supports only one connection at a time.  It sounds like you will be needed multiple connections - archive SQL server, Jabber client PCs, Java app - which is possible, upon request.

Hopefully indicating how many VPN connections are needed here will allow Jacob and team to provision them...


Thanks for the replies here. So if I understand correctly, the DB would need to be network available and that server would need to VPN into the network to access the sandbox? Could it really connect to a DB on my local machine?

Sorry - I am not exactly sure how this would all work.


Sounds like you got it

Once the DB host connects via VPN, the VPN virtual network adapter on the host will get assigned an IP address (part of the VPN network), which should be reachable by all hosts in the network, including the CUCM/IM&P host.


Thank you for the help here. I connected a local MS SQL DB and the schema was able to be created. I do see an error on this step:

Verify external database server's database schema******

It seems like this is related to a timeout issue, so I am not sure if it is actually a problem.

Can you confirm how I can connect at least one client to the sandbox?


I resolved my issues with the Jabber client. So I have a local DB and a local Jabber client as well as a Jabber client on the Windows machine as part of the environment. So I can communicate between the two of those clients, but nothing is getting populated in the archive tables.

Is there a configuration step that I am missing? There is a timeout error about verifying the database schema, but I can confirm that the schema was created, so I know connectivity is possible.

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