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Updates to Sandbox Reservation Internet Access Policy

Due to changes in our networking policies, we are updating the internet access policy within our sandbox reservation instances.
Hosts will no longer have internet access outbound.
This should not affect the overall functionality or access to the resources within the sandbox instances, connecting via VPN.

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Cisco Employee

Guestshell not working on IOS XE Cat 9k

I have been trying to run guestshell on the Cat 9k sandbox. I used the IOX command, then enabled guestshell. It outputs that guestshell is running. However when I call for guestshell it won't invoke the process. I continuously received 9300-2 when I have this issue. David Acosta was able to get guestshell to work on 9300-1, however I have not received that switch when reserving a lab.

Photo's below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.42.23 AM.png

^^^ guestshell not working

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 12.00.29 PM.png

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Cisco Employee

Re: Guestshell not working on IOS XE Cat 9k

Discovered that you needed to input guestshell destroy, then guestshell enable. The container was messed up and had to be reinitialized.

Cisco Employee

Re: Guestshell not working on IOS XE Cat 9k

This is correct David, the following commands are needed:

>cat9300-2#guestshell destroy

Guestshell destroyed successfully

>cat9300-2#guestshell enable

Management Interface will be selected if configured

Please wait for completion

Guestshell enabled successfully


[guestshell@guestshell ~]$


Re: Guestshell not working on IOS XE Cat 9k

Is this the only way to fix the problem. I have destroyed guestshell a few times and lost all the progress I was doing. It just doesn't seem practical to lose all your work and have to start over for what seems like a glitch somewhere. Unless, I am doing something wrong. I save all changes to each file I change but seems to reset when I destroy guestshell. It's hard to troubleshoot and decide what could be a configuration or system problem when guestshell stops working and/or loses connectivity with the switch sporadically.

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