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Help with Broadsoft XSI Enterprise Directory Access


We're currently looking at possibilities to replace LDAP and one option that looks like it has the same level of support for different brands of devices would be Broadsoft XSI.


I'm currently tasked with exploring this option by using the Sandbox, but I'm from more of a support and provisioning background with phones and am a bit out of my depth with this setup.


The Sandbox already has contacts in an enterprise directory, so right now I'm simply trying to access this from a SIP phone, for example I'm testing this with Gigaset Maxwell 3, Panasonic HDV330 and using OCI-P with Snom D785.


But I'm having some issues with establishing the connections to the XSI platform from the phone.

Primarily, I'm not sure what server FQDN I must use for the server parameter on the phones.

The "Domain" for the Sandbox Profiles "" does not resolve to anything on DNS in the internet, so hostname cannot be found.


But using the Platform FQDN did not work either:
GET Request on "**/i&results=50&start=1"
Returned a 404 Error on the phones network interface trace.


If I use the IP of "" in the request "[...]", I get a 302 found reply with this URI in location header: "**/i&results=50&start=1, which is an IP in a private range, that is assigned to the Broadworks XSP Resource according to Sandbox overview diagram.


I do not know what server address must be provisioned on the phone side. Is there a subdomain specific to our sandbox group?


Kind Regards and thanks in advance


Renato Wirth

peoplefone AG


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