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Jabber presence visibility

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Maybe this is not the right place to ask this. Ignore me if it is.

My company uses jabber as an internal IM.

I would like it if on a web-page, the presence state of the people mentioned on the page, is visible.

Currently there is an icon next to a person name, that when clicked, opens Jabber conversation with that person.

I would like to alter the icon, based on the presence state.

I don't actually control the web-server or pages, in fact I only inject JavaScript inside certain web-pages.

It's called a userscript.

I don't want to get involved in receiving or sending Jabber messages, they can use their client for that. I don't want the page to act upon presence status changes either.

So, I would like the page in the browser of someone using my script, to just collect the presence status of the people mentioned in the page.

I would not want to put my own user-name and password in the script to connect to the presence server, since the script is in clear text.

The page is coming from a web-server that knows/authenticates us, as we are part of the windows domain,

The PC also has a logged in Jabber client.

Is there a simple way to get just the presence of a number of people, at the time we load the page?



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Hello Michel,

Thanks for you query! From my knowledge I do think that this is possible, but this is not the right place to post. This is for the DevNet Sandbox, where you can reserve full environments for free! You could reserve a collaboration lab with IM & Presence to test this out!

dstaudt do you think you could get Michel in the right direction and forum?

Let us know if you have any questions!



I should probably have asked this in:

Collaboration Endpoints & Jabber Discussion Forum


No worries,

I can still help you find some help. Did you post your question in the other forum?



Hi Jacob,

I just posted my question in the other forum.

I was looking a bit at the sample code provided even if that does much much more than what I want.

I can’t get it to work (connect to jabber cups server) yet and decided to take a trace to see what goes over the wire.

Over 300 packets ☺ back and forth between me and the cups.

Looks like it just tries 40 times.

Last 18 times cups server starts send connection reset.



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