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Docker for DevOps - DevOps Shop

The 10th edition of the DevOps Shop is live, and this time we exploring... Docker for DevOps   In this video, we first discuss what Docker is and how it’s used to manage applications through stand-al...


Intro to Ansible for Automation - DevOps Shop

The 7th edition of the DevOps Shop is live, and in it we taking an introductory look at Ansible!   In this video, we introduce you to the basic concepts and functionality of Ansible and we see importa...


DevOps at Cisco Live + Free DevOps Education

The 6th edition of the DevOps Shop is live, and in it we are reviewing some of the DevOps goodness at Cisco Live US 2023 as well as taking a look at how you can get some Free DevOps Education!   Cisco...


Tremendous Terraform - DevOps Shop

The 5th edition of the DevOps Shop is live, and this time we are exploring Terraform! In this video, we break down the two main components of the Terraform architecture and demonstrate how they work i...


DevOps vs. SRE | What's the Difference?

Do you hear about DevOps just as much as we do? Is it a title? A tool? A new cheese? And where do SRE's (Site Reliability Engineers) come into the mix??


DevNet Code Exchange: All-New Features!

Our Cisco DevNet Code Exchange exists to bring you a simple way to find the code you need! And now it's got a new look that's so fresh and so clean, clean. Improved search Links to our interactive Le...


The Many Flavors of DevOps

NetDevOps, DevSecOps, CloudOps, DataOps, NoOps... What's it all mean? Get a better understanding of the many DevOps job roles and the different directions the roles are taking across the software tech...


Intro to Cisco Modeling Labs - DevOps Shop Series

Check out the very first video in our new series 'DevOps Shop'. The video is called 'Intro to Cisco Modeling Labs for DevOps' and is live now! Learn the basics of how to use Cisco Modeling Labs to aut...


Journey to NetDevOps

Watch DevNet Snack Minute episode 19 to hear about one engineer's journey to NetDevOps!

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