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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Beginning June 11, 2024, Duo will assign end-of-life status to Windows 10, version 21H2, for operating systems policy enforced by Duo Desktop. This policy feature is available to customers on Duo Advantage and Duo Premier editions.

Note that this end-of-life status is not related to compatibility of Duo applications installed on Windows. It only impacts policy enforcement outcomes. If you need information about Windows versions supported by Duo applications, refer to this Duo Knowledge Base article.

According to Microsoft, Home, Pro, Pro Education and Pro for Workstations editions of Windows 10, version 21H2, reached end of servicing status on June 13, 2023. Enterprise, Education, and Enterprise multi-session editions of Windows 10, version 21H2, will reach end of servicing on June 11, 2024.

To reflect the end of security updates to Windows 10, version 21H2, endpoints with Duo Desktop installed will consider this version of Windows end-of-life effective June 11, 2024. On that day, if your Windows operating systems policy is configured to encourage users to update or to block versions if end-of-life, that policy will take effect on any endpoint with both Windows 10, version 21H2 and Duo Desktop installed.

If you do not intend to block end-users, we recommend you update your operating systems policy to allow a grace period, or to specify a static minimum Windows version.  

  • To allow a grace period that gives end users time to upgrade Windows:
    • Set Block versions to If end-of-life
    • Set When a version becomes out of date or end of life, block: to options ranging from 3 days to 365 days



  • To set a static minimum version, if end users are unable to upgrade:
    • Set Block versions to If below 10, version 21H2 


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Edited to fix my typo:

Was, "If you do not intend to block Android 8 or 9 end-users..."

Is now, "If you do not intend to block end-users..."

Level 1
Level 1

This will also affect 21H2 LTSC, which has support until 2027, this may affect organizations using that build. Seems many vendors don't take this into consideration, we've seen the same from graphics card drivers.

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