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Add Cisco ESA after schedule backup on Cisco SMA

I have this scenario,


we want migrate from  physical cisco email appliance (sma and esa) to virtual cisco email appliance.


right now we want to migrate cisco sma log using schedule backup from sma appliance to virtual sma. after schedule backup we will add cisco esa to the virtual cisco sma.

what will happen to the email log? will the email log from cisco esa automatic integrate with the log from the schedule backup?



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If the same SMA hold the Logs, if it different you may Loose the Logs.



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is not restoring configuration, but restoring message tracking log using schedule backup.

they can not be moved as per i know.

backups can be moved manually, Logs not i guess here..


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backupconfig command on SMA is meant only for backing up message tracking, reporting, SPAM, Policy quarantine database, safelist/bocklist. It will not backup any device related configuration or logs.

Attached a screenshot from user guide for reference.


Hi UdupiKrishna,

I have this scenario

1. i do backupconfig from source appliance to target appliance

2. i add new cisco esa to target appliance


can the log from cisco esa integrate with backuplog in the first step in the targe appliance???

Depends on which log you are referring to. If these are message tracking or reporting logs yes they will be backed up when backupconfig is executed during step 1.


In general deployment, once an ESA is added into SMA centralized tracking and reporting is enabled. Which means these logs are no longer locally stored on ESA itself. The moment backupconfig is executed on SMA, these logs (tracking, reporting) would be backedup into the new target SMA



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