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Add more outgoing IP's to C360

Level 1
Level 1

I have 3 different Mail-server setups which all relays through my Ironport C360.

I have added the 3 different IP's in the "IP Interfaces" & "Listeners".

Each Mail-server setup connects to their own IP and it appears that all is working fine.

However when I check in the logs, all mail-servers connect on the proper IP, but relays the mail out on the first IP.

Anybody knows what I'm doing wrong here?



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Bob Fayne
Level 1
Level 1

It sounds like you need to use the altsrchost command to set up Virtual Gateway mappings. You can specify that messages that match a source IP or a domain will be sent out using a specific interface. I believe altsrchost has to be done from the CLI and not the GUI.  The basic setup is pretty easy, map a specific sender IP or envelope sender domain to a specific interface to be used on exit.

Check out the section "Using Virtual Gateways" in Chapter 2 of the Advanced Configuration Guide as there are a lot of options that can be set up.

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