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Anyone using Spam Quarantine on an M Series?


We have been using the Spam Quarantine on our C series appliances for years and we think the time has come to move it to the M650 which we are currently only using for Centralized Message Tracking, so the question is are any of you using the C series to push the SPAM to the quarantine on the M series?

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Valter Da Costa
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is actually pretty common configuration as the M series is designed to

consolidate Spam messages. It can work as a single point to allow users to

manage their quarantined messages.



On 6/4/12 7:24 PM, "gregskigregski"

I figured that much Valter, however I think there is a lot of smaller shops that may only own one C series appliance and only us that, so I wanted to hear from the bigger shops on how they took their pair of C series and pointed them to the M Series, that's all.

Well, like Valter said, the advantage of a centralized quarantine is that it acts as a single point for access, may it be for the spam notification, user's spam folders, alias consolidation, etc. Also, most common that the M-series/SMA is located in a DMZ, while the ESAs are directly connected to the internet, this is also an important factor.

In case you are wondering how the spam is sent to the SMA, there is a setting in the securiry service menu where you activate delivery to external spam quarantine as well specify the IP of the centralized device.

Hope that helps,


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