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Gateway: 14.2.0-620Email and Web Manager: 14.2.0-203Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Outgoing Relay

Hi Everyone,We have a setup in which users smtp auth to a MTA, this then relays the messages onto ironport to be sent.All messages have headers added with the originating IP address of the sender. Some of these messages come from a webmail portal, bu...

Resolved! Content Filter

Good Afternoon,We are having an issue with the Content filter from within the IronPort C150 webconsole.A few months ago we upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, we've just noticed that our encryption filter is not working for outbound email.T...

Resolved! Remote SMTP server never use 2nd MX record

Hello,I have 2 Ironport C370 in centralized management mode.2 MX records in my public DNS :10     [IP_Public_frel01]20     [IP_Public_frel02]Those 2 records work fine, I checked them with online tools (mxtoolbox....

Finally using SPAM quarantine and want to know how many e-mails are being released

We have two C660s and one M660 and we are finally using the SPAM quarantine functionality on the M660 and so far it has been awesome.   For my pilot group I have the spam thresholds set as low as recommended by the GUI at 50 (positive) and 25 (suspec...

Resolved! Upgrading to C170's from C150's

I am in the process of upgrading our two clustered C150's (os version 7.1.5-017) to two C170's.  Our old appliances were built when we were on a Domino platform, but we have switched to Exchange 2010 in the last year.  As such, the current config is ...

Add more outgoing IP's to C360

I have 3 different Mail-server setups which all relays through my Ironport C360.I have added the 3 different IP's in the "IP Interfaces" & "Listeners".Each Mail-server setup connects to their own IP and it appears that all is working fine.However whe...

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