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Cloud Gateway: 15.0.1-030Gateway (HW/Virtual): 15.0.1-030Email and Web Manager: 15.0.0-413Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Getting Started with Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Join us as our experts walk you through some of the fundamentals, key concepts, and outcomes of the Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense product. We will help you gain the insight needed to create a...

Good day Everyone!Please refer 1st to the attached diagram.We are currently trying to find a way as to how we can route emails sent from to without leaving the local network. We are doing this kind of setup to save bandwid...

Just wanted to get some input from either CISCO/IronPort or the users of this forum on this issue:Recently we got hit with about 3,800 e-mails sent in that were SPAM that made it through our IronPort appliances and I'm just wanting to make sure I'm d...

We have two IEA appliances that are doing basic e-mail encryption for us for the past two years, for the most part they are working well.  Recently I have started to notice e-mails in the Mail Repositories > Error queue.I have tried selecting the mes...

I'm in need of searching my mail logs to find when and what email was sent in that contained a specific file.  I tried doing a grep on the mail logs with the regular expression being just the name of the file with no luck.  Is it possible to do a sea...

Resolved! Syslog port issue

Is it possible to change the default syslog port (UDP 514) IronPort uses to another port number?I'm configuring ArcSight intregration and the connector documentation says its configurable, but I am unable to locate where to configure this port.

Hello,I would like to ask for a favour from you guys. I got the following error message form my Ironport  C160.CASE update unsuccessful. This may be due to transient network or DNS issues, HTTP proxy configuration causing update transmission errors o...

Andrewkai by Beginner
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hi,we are using ironport c160 7.0 when we upgrade the ironport to 7.1.2 (inbuild upgrade) we got some mail regading an error Warning: update - CASE - Error transferring uridb/ Timeout error reading datawhen checked the case...

Omar Fatah by Beginner
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