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CES Using a Windows AD to redirect to a new domain.




Our company sold one of our branch and only a specific OU needs to be redirected to a new domain while they complete a full turn-over with their clients and distributors.


Is there a way from the Hosted CES to query securily the AD for that particular OU container and apply a rule to change the domain part of the e-mail?


1. External mail comes in

2. Query AD for matching Name Rule.

3. Apply change of mail and forward to said domain + Send e-mail to sender a pre-made answer message for them to change their destination


In worst case scenario or if easier to do. I have an exported list of address to make a dictionary and use has trigger for rule. 


We are using Hosted CES and on site Exchange server.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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Ken Stieers
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor
If all of the users are in an AD group, you can create a mail policy to handle these users. This has the added advantage of splintering any mail that is sent to members and non-members.
Use a content filter to send a reply saying "use a different email address..." and then send the mail to an alternate destination host, both actions you can apply to all mail that hits this content policy.

Thank you for your answer Ken,


that sounded pretty easy and straight forward, i thought it would take more. (I have limited knowledge but learning )  I have forwarded the need to let the CES access the inside of the network to query the AD.   I think we can do it either with LDAP or SAML to achieve the same goal, correct?





Not with SAML. SAML is only for authentication, its not really "query-able" in the way you need.
If you can't get LDAP done, a policy is still the right way to go so you get splintering. Just add the list of addresses to the Recipient side of the policy definition.

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