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delivery mails failed



i am  not able to send mails to some domains, the esa shown that the doamains status are down and classifed it as hard bounced 

thanks in advance for you support  


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Ken Stieers
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor
If you go to Monitor/Delivery Status, and click on the specific domain, it will tell you what the ESA knows...
It will show the IP its trying to connect to... Can you get to that IP? Does it answer a telnet on port 25 properly? If the IP is wrong, is your ESA getting old/bad DNS info, either from your DNS servers or wherever else it may be getting DNS?

Hello haroungh,


I would definitely recommend reviewing Ken's comments to start off with. Locate this information on the ESA(s) which are failing to send to these domains and please log into the CLI if you do have access to it and attempt a telnet to that listed host IP.


If that fails then you have some information into why deliveries are failing.

Additionally to allow easier diagnostic if you have the message tracking logs (feel free to edit out any sensitive information such as sender/recipient user names if needed) please do provide.

The hard bounce response would also really help to isolate if it was a network problem, a recipient problem or an email problem.


If the telnet fails; also try (with CLI) nslookup mx <- see if you get an MX record result; if you do. Is this record the same as the IP your ESA has been trying to deliver to? If not - that indicates you have a host override somewhere in your configuration (content/message filter or SMTP route).  If you are meant to have an override (because you own that domain) then it's fine. If it's an external domain out on internet, you may want to look at correcting this.


Let us know how it goes,



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