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Email Security AsyncOS version 12.1 and enhancements to Intelligent Multi Scan (IMS)

Cisco has released Email Security AsyncOS version 12.1 on 8th April 2019. This release includes major enhancements to the Intelligent Multi Scan (IMS) feature to improve overall spam detection efficacy.

Customers using the IMS feature on older AsyncOS releases must upgrade to AsyncOS release 12.1 immediately to take advantage of the enhancements and continue to receive support from Cisco. Cisco will automatically upgrade all Cloud Email Security (CES) customers who are using the IMS feature to AsyncOS release 12.1 before 30th April 2019

What happens if you continue to remain on an older version?

  1. Email processing is not impacted
  2. Over a period of time, you will start to experience gradual dip in spam detection efficacy

The release notes for this version are available at the following link:

Should there be any additional questions about the changes, please contact Technical Support via one of the methods below:

Open a case online:

Open a case by phone: Cisco Worldwide Contact Numbers:

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