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ESA | End User Quarantine Access and Spam Notifications for End Users

We would like to know what is the use of End User Quarantine Access and Spam Notifications for End Users?

There is proper configuration of this features?

Cisco Employee

End User Quarantine option in

End User Quarantine option in the Spam quarantine is used to enable the access to the spam quarntine for end users "non administrative users".

This option has 3 variants:

1. NONE: End users will only be allowed to access the IronPort Spam Quarantine via the links included in notification messages, but they will not be authenticated (does not require a username and password).

2. Mailbox (IMAP/POP): For sites without an LDAP directory to use for authentication, the quarantine can validate user email addresses and passwords against a standards-based IMAP or
POP server that holds their mailbox.

3. LDAP server You need to have LDAP server set-up on the appliance "System administration > LDAP".

Spam Notifications for End Users enabling Spam Notification causes email notifications to be sent in digest format.

From there once you enabled the option you can control the following:

1. The e-mail address that the spam notification will be send by.

2. Who will receive these spam notification ( All users, or you can select specific users from the LDAP groups "again you need to have LDAP enabled on the appliance").

3. You can select how the spam notification will look (from subject, title, what langue the spam notification will be send with, the format of the message "HTML/Text/Combo" and the body of the message it self ).

4. Consolidate Notifications "this option is for LDAP only"

5. Set the schedule of when these notifications will be send (daily/weekly/monthly ), in the daily option you can select single or multiple days and the time of the day also.

Hope this made things more clear, as always if you need any further information you can check with the user guide