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how to install renewed feature key to cluster Ironport C170

                   Our email gateway use two Ironport C170 cluster, recently the feature key expired on both C170 and we are in the process of getting this feature key renewed.

I am new to this cisco ironport, I would like to know once we get this renewed feature key how can we install it on both Ironport C170. the feature currently expired is: "Centralized Management, IronPort Anti-Spam, Sophos Anti-Virus, Outbreak Filters".

After the feature key expired several changes has been made to ironport incoming content filters, because the "centralized management" feature expired these changes are made to both C170 ironport, does this have any impact on installing the renewed feature key?


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how to install renewed feature key to cluster Ironport C170

Hi Rugang,

You can manually install the keys via Web UI or CLI.

In the Web UI, please log in as admin and go to :

System Administration -> Feature Keys -> Section named: Feature Activation

Paste the key string you received in the field named:

In the CLI, please log in ad asmin and run:

> featurekey

then run:


then paste the string for the key you want to install

There is no need to commit changes. You can finish the featurekey command by pressing the ENTER key in your keyboard.

It would be advisable to do not make changes witht he boxes not running Centralized Management due to key expiration, but it seems you already did that. The devices will try to synchronize the settings and it is possible that you will find inconsistencies. You can use the command:

> clustercheck

to view/fix the inconsistencies. This command/action can only be executed via CLI.

I would recommend that you save the configuration from both devices; apply the keys and save the configuration again. Run a diff (linux/unix) or windiff on the files (before and after installing the keys) to see if you find anything which requires your intervention.

As always, please contact our customer support in case you have any questions or have any issues with the whole process.

I hope this helps.



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