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Incoming mail handling will expire in 7 days


We had Ironport C150 which was working perfectly. Recently it was replaced by C160 as part ot HWA Refresh program. And now the Incoming mail handling and Bounce verification feature keys are going to expire in a week. I contacted CISCO support, but they redirected me to sales. No response from sales. I contacted our dealer - no response. I contacted CISCO Bulgaria - no response! One week I am sending emails, phone calls and still no result! No one explains anything and tells me what to do. Our Antispam and Antivirus keys are valid for one more year, but if Incoming mail handling expires the device will stop working at all, am I right?                

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Andreas Mueller

Hello Milen,

sorry to hear that there are some problems with the keys and nobody has responded to you yet. I have found your ticket and will check on that as well, you are correct that mail flow will stop once the mail handling key expires, Those temporary keys are always coming with new or replaced repliances, and are usually replaced with the permanent keys  by the update servers within a couple days. Like I said, currently checking on that to get them out right away. Sorry again for the trouble involved.

Regards, Andreas

After dozen of emails our problem still remains. Is there a chance to contact an Ironport engineer? I don't want to hear anymore TAC, sales, global licensing and etc.

Deeply frustrated customer!

Greetings Milen,

I wanted to follow up with on this issue to see if it was resolved?  You can always open a ticket directly from the forum post which will allow you to export all the information within the post directly into a ticket that will be assigned to a engineer. You can do this by going to the actions menu located in the upper right hand corner of the forums and select "Open Service Request for Thread"  Addtiionally if you already have a ticket open related to this issue you can still open a ticket from the forum post and simply reference that ticket number.  My hope is that your issue has already been resolved however I did want to post this information so that others are aware of this process.

Christopher C Smith


Fortunately we were able to issue the missing key last Friday already after addessing the problem to the licensing team directly. Usually customers  can transfer their licenses on the support portal after an RMA, but in this case, the customer was unable to do so due a missing registration of his email addresses. We got that solved as well.



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