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Ironport acting as OPEN RELAY

IRONPORT working as open relay.

Model: C150, Configured D1 port for both incoming and outgoing.

In HAT, RELAY LIST is before WHITE LIST, BLACK LIST...........

All the mails (genuine, spam, bad recipent.....) matching with RELAY LIST only.

Provide me solution how can I block open relay on my IRONPORT.


Re: Ironport acting as OPEN RELAY

some things to check, from the kb:
How do I prevent my IronPort appliance from being used as an open relay?

if you're still having problems, post your config.xml file and we can look at it.

Re: Ironport acting as OPEN RELAY

Thanks Andrew,

Followed the document and found to be no change. But still i can access my box throught telnet and can send mails to other domains.


Re: Ironport acting as OPEN RELAY

that article covers a lot of bases, so there must be something wrong in your HAT's mail flow policy selection, or an incorrect entry acceptance statement in your RAT.

you can either post your configuration file and mail_logs outputs to the forum so we can help you here, or open a customer support case to get the most immediate and accurate response.



Re: Ironport acting as OPEN RELAY

Thanks alot,

I did reorder the HAT policies and everything working normal. I have one more query related to same issue.

I have configured only Data (D1) port for listener (Incoming/outgoing). I heard some one telling this scenario cause problem by allowing third party and can send mails from my domain.

Now i want to configure two ports D1 and D2 one for outgoing and other for incoming, will it is going to help me anyways from present scenario.

Thanks in advance