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IronPort email encryption config precedence


I'm reading thru the IronPort Email Config Guide for Email encryption. I have noticed up to three different ways of requesting certain encryption parameters. I'd like to make sure I understand the order of precedence for these different methods, when multiple options are encountered for a given message.

For example, to configure Read Receipts on an outbound secure message:

a) I can configure Read Receipt in the Encryption Profile

b) I can configure a Content Filter to add an encryption header "X-PostX-Send-Return-Receipt" to the message

c) At the time of sending the message, from BCE app, I can select Read Receipt (or for certain attribuutes, I can use the CRES admin console and ask for the actions such as message expiration, etc)

So given the above methods for requesting a certain action, my understanding is that the order of precedence is:

c -> b -> a

That is, (c) overrides (b);  and (b) overrides (a).

Is the above correct?

And as for (c), is it also correct to expect that the upcoming Outlook plugin release 7.3 will enable a desktop user to set the same flags on an outbound message as supported today in BCE app (such as requesting ReadReceipt, etc.)?

Thaks for any help.

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