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ironport falsely accuses me and gives me a poor reputation


I'm getting email returned to me saying my mailserver has a poor reputation.  I did a quick google search on this and found thousands of compalints against the "Ironport" security from cisco for similar incidents.  I checked my email sending logs through WHM/cpanel and I have not sent  out a lot of email  and never have.  I'm a new webhost that has hosted my first client only to have it ruined by Ciscos poor email security program falsely giving my email server a poor reputation. 

I checked every black list known to mandkind, my server and my ip address is on none of them.    My servers ip address is:

I will post my log files on this very website to prove to you that no spam message has been sent from my server in the past month if not the past year, I am in no black lists anywhere, why is Cisco Slandering my reputation with my first client?   Last time I'll ever purchase a Cisco product for my company as well.

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Christopher Smith

Greetings Steven,

I am sorry to hear you are having difficulty. This can be a very frustrating experience for not only the sender but the recipient as well. If you own one of our Email Security appliances I would recommend you open a ticket with us so that we can have our Case Operations Group further investigate the IP address in question.  This would likely allow us to determine a root cause as to why the IP address is being scored as it is.  Because of the nature of our reputation filtering we do not currently utlize any specific global blacklist.  While on occasion specifc black lists will mirror a the results found via reputation scoring that is not common.

If you do not own an Email Security Appliance but are having issues sending email to someone who does, then we recommend you contact the recipient that owns the Email Security Appliance so that they can proceed in opening a ticket with us. Again this will allow us to escalate the issue to the COG team for further analysis.  On the surface it appears this is a somewhat New IP address , the first reported traffic we saw from this IP was on 2013-01-02 while it is rated as poor the volume has been somewhat low. SBRS is a rating of magnitude so if an IP has a poor score for any reason , the more "clean" or "positive" traffic that is allowed to flow from that IP the faster the score will move out of negative territory. The COG team would be able to assess this in greater detail and provide a more detailed explination of how reputation scoring works and how it applies to this specific address. Additionally if there is an error related to this score they can assist with this process as well.

Christopher C Smith


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