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Masquerading with wildcards

We are running ESA's on version 10.0.2


I have a request I am trying to determine the feasability of.  Assume we have the following email addresses sending email:


When these accounts send email, we want to rewrite their address as


Basically dropping the .abc part of the username.


I am familiar with masquerading, but is it possible to do this using something like a wildcard?  There could be up to thousands of users matching this pattern,  and I don't want a masquerade entry for each.


Can you do something like:

* ---> *  in the masquerade? 


Any other way to rewrite these?  We need to rewrite the from, cc, reply to, etc so I am thinking Masquerading is the right answer.




Cisco Employee

Re: Masquerading with wildcards

Hello Tony,
I had a look into the ESAs availability and i was unable to get this type of setup to work to have a wildcard value.

I do notice, Reply-to, From headers are within the header side of the email.
The "CC" (at the envelope level are stored as envelope recipients) so we cannot alter it with a wildcard value, however in the "cc" headers which you see on your MUA we might be able to edit with a message filter to look for these headers, find the string and replace it with

Essentially when an email comes in with the Header values of

From: Mathew <>
To: Matt <>
CC: anotheruser <>
Reply-To: <>
Subject: This is a test sample

This is a test.

We can re-write these headers so when they appear on the MUA, we can replace anything to effectively displaying:

From: Mathew <>
To: Matt <>
CC: anotheruser <>
Reply-To: <>
Subject: This is a test sample

This is a test.

In your outlook for example.
I believe this is as far as (i can think of anyway) we can go on the ESA side.

Let me know if this would meet the requirements.

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