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Memory Buffer Ironport ESA


We have ESA C380,  which does not present high usage in memory and cpu, however usage 100% in memory buffer.

RAM Utilization 0%
CPU Utilization Total 4%
MGA 2%
Anti-Spam 2%
Anti-Virus 0%
Reporting 0%
Quarantine 0%
Disk I/O Utilization 0%
Resource Conservation 0
Logging Disk Usage 13%
Logging Disk Available 393G

Someone knows how to clean memory buffer in Ironport.

Thank you very much.

Libin Varghese
Cisco Employee


If you are referring to page swapping memory on the appliance, a reboot would be required to clear that.

- Libin V

Thanks for your answer!

Buffer memory is the same as the swapping???

I can change the threshold of memory page Swapping to "10000"??? 

During the weekend we reboot Ironport, however problem persists.

very thankful

You can certainly increase the page swapping alert limit as per your choice, however it would only help mitigate alerts from the appliance itself.

The screenshot provided appears to be from a monitoring tool so I'm not sure what it considers as memory buffer and how it monitors that, however it there is an actual hardware issue on the appliance you should certainly receive an alert for that.

You can certainly open a TAC case to get the appliance logs reviewed to confirm if everything is working as expected.

- Libin V

Venkatesh Attuluri
Cisco Employee

Hi..if you are referring to Memory Page Swapping it shows how frequently the system must page to disk.If you want to change the threshold level, use theSystem Administration > System Health page in web interface or healthconfig command in CLI.You may reduce swap memory usage by reducing the size of the MFM database. Configure the appliance to keep MFM data for 8 days. This can be achieved via CLI command ‘mailflowconfig

Thanks for your answer!

Is configured:

Edit System Health Configuration:

Overall CPU Usage:
Threshold: 85 %
Send alert if the overall CPU usage exceeds the specified threshold: Disabled
Memory Page Swapping:
Threshold: 5000 pages
Send alert if the number of pages swapped exceeds the specified threshold: Disabled
Maximum Messages in Work Queue:
Threshold: 500 messages
Send alert if the number of messages in work queue exceeds the specified threshold: Disabled

Buffer memory is the same as the swapping???

Attached images of my monitoring.

Sriram Subramanian
Cisco Employee


On the ESA, you monitor using the System Capacity / System Status report using the web qui or look into the status logs from the CLI. 

You can access the System Capacity report from Monitor -> System Status or System Capacity -> System Load.

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