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Migrate from 3rd part Mail Appliance to ESA


Hello All,


Is there any way to migrate e-mail security rules from a 3rd party e-mail appliance (Watchguard) to an Ironport ESA Virtual Appliance? I have not come up with anything on this and that is leading me to believe it is not possible. If anyone has any insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank You.


Robert Sherwin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No, not directly.  Can you provide some examples of what you have rule-wise that you are trying to copy/migrate over?


It's not my network so I don't specifically have examples, but there are roughly 8-900 current rules that need to be migrated. Creating all those manually doesn't seem to be feasible.

That is exactly what I had to do when migrating from SonicWall. We host hundreds of clients so we had over 3,000 specific rules (each client had 1 to multiple rules specific to their needs). This migration process took me about 4 months to migrate from SQ to the ironports. The biggest issue I had was porting of SW rules to mimic the same behavior functionality on the ironports, BUT I can say that YES it is feasible and is definitely possible. If you need assistance let me know and I will guide you down the right paths.


We have been running the ironports for the past year with little issues. The rules however are an every day job and constantly changing to meet the demands of our clients.

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