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Question about ESA for Encryption only

Bob Bagheri

I have a customer who purchased an ESA appliance strictly for outbound email encryption.  

Their topology for ingress:

Public Internet >>>>> Baracuda MTA >>>>>Exchange

The egress topology is the reverse.  I'm injecting the ESA for encryption. 

Exchange>>>>>> ESA >>>>> Baracuda >>>>>> Internet


I assume I need to setup the Baracuda MTA as my outbound MTA and send mail through it.


Secondly, since they are not using CRES, I have allowed inbound HTTP/HTTPS ot the public address (NAT'd) of the ESA appliance.  Will this work even though the emails is actually coming out of the Baracuda MTA?


Thanks in advance,


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Ken Stieers
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VIP Advisor

What kind of encryption are you trying to do?

What kind of Barracuda appliance is it? archiving?






Hi Ken.  I'm not sure, I just know it is their inbound from public (scan for virus/MW/etc)  and outbound from Exchange server MTA.  The goal is to go to the ESA and then relay to the Baracuda.  I'll check and reply to this thread.



If they're doing AV/AM scanning on it, its probably the email security box.

I ask because the Barracuda email security box can do TLS email encryption...(eg the connections are encrypted) and they have some sort of think that's like CRES...


What ESA product did you install?


It is a 300 or 600 series appliance just for outbound encryption. Their existing encryption appliance (may have been Baracuda) is EOL.


I already have the encryption setup and we have content filters setup to outbound mail.  Just want to understand the routing of the mail and make sure when a recipient comes back in to authenticate and retrieve the message everything will work.  My assumption is it will since it is similar to the encryption appliances role.



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