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"An application fault occurred" with AsyncOS 8.0.1 on multiple ESAs

Ever since upgrading to AsyncOS 8.0.1-023, we have been getting the following application fault intermittently but it has been triggering constantly this morning on all 4 appliances in a cluster and 2 others in a separate cluster:

An application fault occurred: ('egg/ _non_blocking_retry|140', "<class 'sslip.Error'>", "(336195711, 'error:1409F07F:SSL routines:SSL3_WRITE_PENDING:bad write retry')", '[egg/ run|885] [egg/ _run|964] [egg/ close|238] [egg/ shutdown|218] [egg/ _non_blocking_retry|140]')

The only thread I see regarding this is that is an known bug with the OS version.  Is there a way to temporarily correct this and is there a known cause to this such as a corrupt message?  We do not want to keep receiving this alert until a fix is released and do not want to be forced to turn off the alerting.

Dietmar Schmidt

The same for our 2 ESA C370, Version: 8.0.1-023 AND a similiar message for our M670 Version: 8.1.1-013. They were upgraded vom V 7.x last weekend.

Suprisingly we drive 2 ESA C360, 1 M670 and 1 M160 for another customer without this error. Tose machines were upgraded to the same 8.x versions mentioned above in December last year! Looks a bit strange to me ...


The Critical message is (on M670):

An application fault occurred: ('navigation/ my_tasks_list_submenu|462', "<type 'exceptions.KeyError'>", "'varstore'", '[util/ screenLoop|408] [util/ inverseExtend|328] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|578] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|451] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|1483] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [layout/ doTop|851] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [layout/ doHelpBar|795] [util/ call|280] [navigation/ __call__|154] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ options_and_help_yui_menubar|217] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ my_tasks_mainmenu|275] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ my_tasks_list_submenu|462]')

Version: 8.1.1-013


I know this is a super old thread, but I get them ALL the time on AsyncOS 9.6.0-051 (which is the latest release). This was never fixed so don't fool yourself into thinking Cisco fixed it:

The Critical message is:

An application fault occurred: ('navigation/ my_tasks_list_submenu|639', "<type 'exceptions.KeyError'>", "'varstore'", '[util/ screenLoop|413] [util/ inverseExtend|328] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|580] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|451] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|1534] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [layout/ doTop|902] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [layout/ doHelpBar|846] [util/ call|280] [navigation/ __call__|202] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ options_and_help_yui_menubar|394] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ my_tasks_mainmenu|452] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ my_tasks_list_submenu|639]')

Version: 9.6.0-051

We get four or five of these a day from the SMA and ESA's.

Correct - still an open issue, 9.6.0-051 is the latest in which this is a reported sighting.


Good to know, thanks for the confirmation Robert! Any ideas when this plans to be resolved?

This message is still in the newest Version on Cisco M170. Will there be a solution?

The Critical message is: An application fault occurred: ('navigation/ my_tasks_list_submenu|641', "<type 'exceptions.KeyError'>", "'varstore'", '[util/ screenLoop|413] [util/ inverseExtend|328] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|580] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|451] [util/ __call__|769] [layout/ __call__|1614] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [layout/ doTop|982] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [layout/ doHelpBar|926] [util/ call|280] [navigation/ __call__|202] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ options_and_help_yui_menubar|396] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ my_tasks_mainmenu|454] [Cheetah/ valueFromSearchList|250] [Cheetah/ _valueForName|229] [navigation/ my_tasks_list_submenu|641]') Version: 11.0.0-115



Please check for the information and workaround for this.




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