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register c170 for cisco email encryption service

I get this message when I try to provision my.

Error — Unable to provision profile "CRES_Encryption" for reason: Cannot find account.
Please make sure that you have correctly registered your appliance with the hosted service and try again, or contact customer support for assistance. 

How do I register the c170 with cres?

Robert Sherwin
Cisco Employee

In order to provision encryption profile(s), please initiate an email request to with the following information:
1. Name of account: [Please specify the exact company name, as you require this to be listed.]
*If this is for a Hosted customer account, please notate the account name to end as ["<Account Name> HOSTED"]
2. Email address(es) to be used for the Account Admin: [Please specify the corresponding admin email address]
3. The complete serial number of ESA appliance(s): [ANY/ALL SERIAL NUMBER(s)]
4. Any/all domains for the customer account that should be mapped to the CRES account for administration purposes.


*If there is an already provisioned CRES account, please provide the company name or CRES account number previously used. This will assure that any new appliance serial numbers are added to the correct account, and avoid any duplication of company information and provisioning.


Appliance serial numbers can be located from the GUI 'System Administration -> Feature Keys', or appliance CLI by running the command 'version'.


Requests sent to will be handled within normal business hours. A confirmation email will be sent once the serial numbers are registered or new CRES account provisioning is completed.


Once completed - from the GUI, revisit 'Security Services -> Cisco IronPort Email Encryption -> Email Encryption Profiles', and re-click "Re-provision". This will then complete as "Provisioned".


I hope this helps!



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