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Request for Procedure to replace a faulty hard disk on X1070 hardware


                   Can I get a procedure document on how to replace a faulty hard disk setup up in RAID 1+0 configuration and the applaince is setup to be part of a cluster. 


Many Thanks


There's a KB article #1271 on replacing a disk "Replacing drives on IronPort appliances":

Cisco Employee

Were you able to get the information you need on the faulty drive?  The drives are hot swappable, except on X150/X160 appliances.  Replacing the drive should automatically kick off the rebuild, and should not have any impact on clustering.

Just open a support case with TAC, and we can swap out the drive, if you are still under contract.

Incase the full KB article was reachable...

The full eKB can be found:

The drives on a 1U IronPort appliance will no longer be replaced.  Instead, a replacement device will be shipped for any RAID issues.  This applies to the C1xx, M160 and S160 devices.

To replace a drive on a 2U IronPort appliance:

   1. While the system is running normally, unlatch the original drive and slide it out.
   2. Slide in the replacement drive and latch it into place.

To replace a drive on C170 and S170, please kindly see the below document link:

KB article 1815

After a short time, the lights will begin blinking indicating the RAID container is being rebuilt. While the rebuild is happening, you may receive more RAID alerts - this is normal. The rebuild may slow mail throughput on busier systems, but otherwise has no effect on normal operations. This process can take a few hours. After it is completed, the RAID alerts should no longer occur unless there is a new issue.

Note: If two or more drives have failed, replace only one drive at a time! Do not replace the next drive until the Rebuild is complete. This can be monitored from the 'version' CLI command

Note: For instructions on how to return IronPort hardware, see KB article 138.

Hope this helps!


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