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Safe Unsubscribe - Unsubscribing from is in progress.

Level 5
Level 5

Yesterday I clicked the unsubscribe link in an unwanted email I've received and I reached the Cisco Unsubscribe Services Safe Unsubscribe page.  It says Unsunscribing in progress.


Today I get another marketing email from the same company, so obviously this thing failed to unsubscribe me.  So I click the unsubscribe link again and I reach the same page saying that Unsubscribing is in progress.


Why isn't this working for all email addresses?  Sometimes I get a nice green checkmark on the webpage that says it was sucessfully unsubscribed, and other times I get this yellow hourglass icon page stating its in progress.  What is so hard about unsubscribing from a marketing email?  I'd rather stop it at the source than maintain a whole list of Outlook rules based on incoming sender with the delete action.

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Robert Sherwin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you have the full URL of the acutal unsubscribe link?  (If you want to provide here, or unicast to me, is fine.)


Usually, in an instance where the URL is not properly unsubscribing, there is typically a disconnect in that domain/providers setup with the true unsubscribe --- where the page may be waiting for a repsonse/prompt, etc., that the URL service is not able to move forward with.


I usually use to peer into a full unsubscribe link, and pick out the destination/true link --- and go from there.


If the URL then is something that "seems" straight forward, where the process should have completed, you can open a case, we can check w/ the team that interacts with the URL write and process aspect, and see where/why this failed.



Thanks for the reply and link.  I'll have to bookmark that one.


The marketing message I was trying to unsubscribe to finally unsubscribed.  It just took a second try a day later.


Though we do sometimes have random issues where unsubscribing is in prossess.  For example I have a weekly mail from mxtoolbox and I clicked unsubscribe, but it says its in progress.  I used the link you provided and pasted the unsubscribe link in there.  In the middle of the gibberish was an link.  I took out that extra period and was able to paste it in another tab.  Low and behold it took me to my mail preference page where I was able to reduce this email to monthly, rather than weekly.

So I can see how this decoder can take you to directly to the page where your email preferences are stored, once carefully massaged.


Thank you!

Hi Robert,

can you help me with some issue ?

when i press on the Unsubscribe Link by mistake, it is possible to undo or cancel ?

No undo or cancel option is available once unsubscribed.



Libin Varghese


With Safe Unsubscribe, there is no undo or cancel option. You have to go back to the original website and create a new subscription. Safe Unsubscribe is not a permanent blocker of future email traffic. It serves only to proxy the web interaction to prevent an unsubscribe link from being used in a malicious manner.