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SCCM Installation Ironport Plugin for Outlook - CustomConfig files

I'm attempting to install the Ironport Plugin via SCCM.  Our client is version  Pretty standard executable install, however, I need to use the UseCustomConfigs switch to set configurations in the client when it reaches our 2500 machines.  My issue is with the syntax of the UseCustomConfigs switch.  I am running the CiscoEmailSecurity-7-2-0-039.exe from a local folder on our SCCM server, not via UNC.  I have the executable, the setup.iss, and the 2 config files that I need in that working directory.  Below is the syntax I've tried.  SCCM attempts to retry the install, but of course it fails......

CiscoEmailSecurity-7-2-0-039.exe /s /v"UseCustomConfigs=" /qn /f1 "setup.iss"

I guess my hangup is what do I put after the "=" if I'm running it from the directory that the executable is running from.....


Did you ever get this resolved?

Yes and no.....I did get the install to roll out via SCCM.  It does install, but it fails more than half of the time.  I'm then forced to use the Right Click Toolkit to rerun the advertisement on the machines that it "failed" on, and then it installs.  I always end up with error code -3.  In some cases it has failed because the user had Outlook open, but in other cases, it fails and I've got no real clue as to why......

I should also mention, that I did end up having to create a share, and change my UseCustomConfigs switch to point to the UNC path to the share.....