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Cognitive Threat Analytics/Scancenter "Failed to load data!" problems

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Level 1

Does any one experiences "Failed to load data!"problem whenever connection details are checked?

We see it instantly for a couple of days now...:(




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Hi Natolin,

Have you resolved the problem?


I have just encountered this issue too


Warm Regards,

Andryan VT


it looks like some global DB problem or whatever. We've got solution that should help to detect ransomware in minutes and then it's broken for a couple of days now. There are two ways to "resolve" the issue. We started with first - create TAC and are waiting for the world to colapse. The second is to move to something more professionaly supported solution like the one for catching mice;) And these will be recommended whenever contracts will be to expire - Cisco you're doing it wrong way!



Hi Natolin,

Thanks for responding.


So it's a global problem? I thought that is something wrong with my configuration. I integrated CTA with Stealthwatch for my lab environment. Has the TAC responded? if you don't mind, please share the TAC solution here if it is possible :)

Sadly I don't have any contract number to open TAC as I deployed in a lab environment



Andryan VT


it looks like a global problem - however I don't know if anyone else in the world is using it - I've already know the answer who should use it.

We've got no TAC response for over 48 hours, so I guess that without contract number your're getting the same level of support as we do:(.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Natolin, others,


Apologies about this issue. I'm from the Cognitive engineering team and we learned about this case just today. I know some of our processes are not ideal, take time and we need to get better.


Anyway, we are working on the fix and should be deployed soon. As a workaround, you can click any arrow that sorts the table multiple times to get it to the state where you will see a "double arrow" meaning the column is unsorted. Then, the table loads the data. It only fails when you attempt to sort.


How this happened? We were upgrading one of our 3rd party libraries in the code and the new version behaves differently. Unfortunately, there was  a test missing in our automated tests suite. It is there now and should not repeat in the future.


Pavel Novak

Cognitive UI development team manager

Hi Panovak,

Thank you for your hard work

It seems the issues have been resolved


Warm Regards,

Andryan VT


we're really glad that you've managed to repair what you've incidentally broken. We're also glad that it took you only x days. Not to mention that you had skills required to repair what you've broke. Also note that we can blame 3rd party developer of some library. Keep on good, hard work.

Oh sorry NO - this supposed to be the IT security tool, time is precious. History learns, this is zero hour century, it takes a couple of hours to infect whole company, with hundreds of sites in different globe locations - act now, buy our best solution with best possible support in the world history.

That's what you sell.

But what we got, is support with "not ideal processes" - I see it as a new way of describing something that doesn't work properly or "working as design" tickets to get rid of feature requests that make your products useful, as we the higest skilled IT army, use your products on the frontlines, not your own lab engineers - that is what you seem to forget. 

To summarize this case from our perspective. We send email to support, as requested. We opened TAC for that issue as we got no response from support email. It took days for you to learn. I hope that your knowledge of broken CTA comes from TAC not from supportforums, as these could finally prove that opening TAC is the total waste of time.

While CTA has very simple interface it doesn't take much time for human to test its primary functionalities especially when "upgrading one of our 3rd party libraries" but you also failed here.

And last but not least. When it comes to the hard work Adryan mention, let me count the number of changes that happened this year (based on CTA release notes page) - four new builds - 8 changes precisely, nearly all of changes (counted) are cosmetic - new label that indicates something, or renamed login page. Please... When I see open source projects with changes like this, it's already dead project with one developer that has no time for it.

But wait, we've gathered around the case connected to the changes, that should have been reflected on release page but are not. We've trusted you, left our precious data in your hands, and you treat it as your own property. You have changed the way our "cloud device" works without communicating it to the us - device owners.

In the end let me quote my first post "Cisco you're doing it wrong way!" - wake up before AMP/CTA will join other fantastic solutions killed when sold to some big name company.


Human, real, heavy user of Cisco AMP/CTA