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Mail is not working with AMP 1.14.x (Big Sur)

Oleksandr Fisun
Level 1
Level 1

Dear community,


We've manually installed Cisco AMP on OS X Big Sur and approved required System Extensions according to advisory:

Here is the output of 

%systemextensionsctl list
4 extension(s)
enabled	active	teamID	bundleID (version)	name	[state]
*	*	DE8Y96K9QP (1.14.1/807)	AMP Network Extension	[activated enabled]
enabled	active	teamID	bundleID (version)	name	[state]
*	*	DE8Y96K9QP (1.14.1/807)	AMP Security Extension	[activated enabled]

Network Filter is also enabled and Active:

Screenshot at Jan 13 14-50-27.png

And once Cisco AMP installed and everything is approved the native Mail client could not connect to the server.

Screenshot at Jan 13 15-02-37.png


We've also tried Jamf MDM to deploy the AMP connector but result the same - native Mail client stopped working properly.

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Oliver Kaiser
Level 7
Level 7

I tried recreating the issue on Big Sur with amp4e connector without any success. I would advise opening a TAC case to find the root cause, without providing a troubleshoot-file it's hard to pinpoint what the exact issue is - since the ts-file includes a lot of data of the endpoint I would advise against uploading it to the support community.


Hope that helps