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Findit 1.1 Small Business SG300 L3 Switch Problem

Lee Cox
Level 2
Level 2

I posted in the switch forum and then I found this one.  I am using Findit 1.1 on Windows 7 machine.  It will find all 6 of my Cisco devices.  I have a SG300-28 layer 3 switch in L3 mode.  I have a RV320 router which is found when in VLAN1.  I moved the RV320 router to a separate VLAN10.  I turned on Bonjour on the router and on VLAN10.  Findit 1.1 will not found the RV320 router now. Is there a setting which will help?

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Gday Lee,

I am afraid you have run into a limitation imposed by the Bonjour protocol that we use for discovery.  Bonjour advertises using a multicast address in the local network control block, which for the purpose of this discussion, means that the advertisement will not be forwarded off the VLAN by any routers.  The end result is that if the RV320 is only connected to VLAN10, then the Bonjour multicast packet will only be seen on VLAN10 and not on VLAN1, which means that FindIT will not be able to discover the router.

Unfortunately, there is no easy workaround for this problem right now, other than potentially adding a VLAN1 interface on the RV320 - something that may not be feasible in your particular circumstances.