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RV320 in Find-It

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I am running FInd-it finally now.  But my router, RV320 isn't showing up in Find-it. Is it supposed to show in there somehow?  How Can I setup the RV320 to show up in Find-it

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

FindIT uses the Bonjour protocol for discovery, so make sure it is enabled on the router in the System Management > Discovery-Bonjour setting.  It is enabled by default, but possibly it was disabled during the initial router configuration.

The second possibility that springs to mind is that Bonjour announcements are restricted to the local subnet, so the PC needs to be on a VLAN that is configured in the router to have Bonjour enabled.  So if you are on a different VLAN, that would also explain why you are not seeing the router.

Finally, if you do not see any devices in FindIT, then make sure the FindIT service is running on the PC.  This should be running by default, but if it was disabled for any reason, then you won't see anything.  This is unlikely to be the problem though.

See how you go checking these thing.  There is more troubleshooting that can be done if these don't work, but these are the most likely causes.



Hi David,

Find it is locating my switch, but not the router.  The attachment is a screenshot of Bonjour.. I didn't change anything.

The system is on a VLAN.  Router is running fine, just wanted to have it show up in Findit.

The service is running as well.  Not sure why it's not showing.

Ok, that's a bit odd then.  Which VLAN is the PC on, or alternatively, what's the IP address of the PC.  And can you ping the router from the PC?

My current setup is that I am running another brand router (as an WAP with DHCP disabled) but yes I can ping

Does the PC also have a 192.168.1.x address, or is it on another subnet?

Here's a screenshot

Can you enter the following command and attach the output:

dns-sd -B _csco-sb._tcp local

I put that in the command window. Seems to just sit there for 3 mins now with curser flashing.

No output

Ok, then that tells me that the PC is not seeing any Bonjour advertisements.  When you said the switch appeared in FindIT, did you mean you are seeing it there now, and if so, is the switch name black or red?  Also, are you attached to the switch via the 192.168.1.x interface, or the 10.x.x.x interface?

If you are not seeing the switch now or it is on the other interface, and if you are attached to the router wirelessly, then one possibility is that the access point is filtering the Bonjour announcements.  Many access points have special handling of broadcast and multicast traffic, including Bonjour, and so it is possible that traffic is being blocked.  Can you try plugging the PC directly into the RV router and see if it appears?