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FireSight Update Task Stuck in Waiting State

I have a FireSight GeoLocation update tasks that has been stuck in waiting for over 1,000 hours. I manually installed a newer version but that did not affect anything. I also restarted the console and that did nothing either.

I am running Is there any way to kill those tasks?

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I'd just give it a reboot.  I

I'd just give it a reboot.  I would also upgrade to  If you didn't want to go to 6.1 you should at least apply all the patches and bring it up to


Did you ever get this

Did you ever get this resolved?

I have the same problem 20+ task waiting all trying to install VD-279, which is already installed.

I wasl running and did upgrade to 6.1.x. But nothing changed still there are the Task Waiting.

Both Sensor and FCM where rebooted.


In my case neither rebooting

In my case neither rebooting or upgrading fixed the problem, had to open TAC case and they new exactly what to do. Which involved running some database admin commands to clear the stuck events from the database. I have all the commands they ran captured, however I would recommend you open TAC case and let them do it, In the event, something gets hosed up.

Re: In my case neither rebooting

We have been experiencing this as well in 6.2.3.x with FMC 2500 appliances in HA.  Having TAC clear the database issues is the only fix.  Rebooting does nothing.


I put on Sourcefire

I put on Sourcefire Vulnerability And Fingerprint Database Updates 283 the task ran but the task says it is still waiting

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You'll probably need to give

You'll probably need to give it a restart.

I would upgrade to the latest 6.2 code on everything to make doing the updates more reliable.