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Re: Fixed yet?



I have FTD's in HA. Do I need to set/change the platform settings for FTD-HA and apply the commands shown in the screenshots? Would appreciate your help!


Thank you!

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Re: Fixed yet?

To make the icmp and traceroute work fully yes, you would apply the bits from the FMC screenshots.

Re: Fixed yet?

Anyone still have this issue?  I have an HA pair of Firepower 2110 running in my lab and I flat-out cannot get traceroute to work through them, even after configuring the ICMP and FlexConfig settings recommended by Marvin.  I have the same symptom that Alexandre described - all the traceroute hops fail except for the final one, which does come through.


Re: Fixed yet?

Finally got an answer from TAC on a 2+ month old SR of them, and it works, no fancy settings required:


Add ICMP (either v4 or v6) Destination Unknown and Time Exceeded to the list of allowed ICMP traffic.


And that's it, plain and simple. Not what I was expecting but hey, the theory behind it makes sense if you think about it. If anyone feels brave enough digging into all the small sub-options, feel free to do so and let us know so we can tight even further our controls :)







OK, thanks for the guidance

OK, thanks for the guidance so far. Can someone expand or post a link on how to "use Flex config to add inspects"?.  

I tried adding the System Defined, Default_Inspection_Protocol_Enable, to a new Flexconfig policy, however it seemed to do nothing. 

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Answered in your related post:

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