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vFMC on HyperV. Are we there yet?

I administer a site with several FTDs, controlled by a vFMC. At the time of installation, around a year ago, I heard rumours from various sources that support for HyperV was "Roadmapped". Since we use HyperV exclusivly as a virtualisation host, I purchased an "Office PC", threw the free version of ESX 6.5 on it, and used that just to host the vFMC. It sits in the rack with the "real" servers. Has worked fine, but is of course just a PC, so no redundant hard drives, fans, enviromental monitoring, out of band management or any of that nice stuff.  Plan was to move the vFMC to a HyperV machine once supported, and use the office PC for something else.

I notice now that the vFMC is supported on Azure. Azure basically IS HyperV, with a few extra bells and whistles. Hence, I would guess there is a good chance that the vFMC would run just fine on HyperV.  Target I have in mind is a new server we are purchasing, which will be running Server 2019.

Has anyone tried this? Anyone know of any "solid rumours" about  HyperV support in the near future?

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Re: vFMC on HyperV. Are we there yet?


Unless there's something new I'm not aware of, FMCv isn't supported in Azure neither on Hyper-V.
On Azure, you can have the firewall itself which is managed by FMC but this FMC runs out of Azure.
Here a documentation:

FMCv is supported on ESXi, KVM and AWS Cloud.

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Re: vFMC on HyperV. Are we there yet?

Hi all

FMC support in Azure has been on the top of my Cisco wish list for over a year. Mostly because of architectural reasons, we are moving our datacenters to Azure and in doing so there isn't much investment done into performance for our VMware anymore. For me as security...manager, it's got to the point I cannot expand my FTD/ASA-Firepower platform anymore because of performance issues with our vFMC.



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Re: vFMC on HyperV. Are we there yet?

Hi everyone, 

I am facing the same issue, all our virtualization environment is based on Hyper-V and I need to install a virtual FMC. Is it still not supported?



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Re: vFMC on HyperV. Are we there yet?

It is still not supported as of FMC

I've been asking for it on behalf of my customers for about 3 years. No joy so far.

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